Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Single-Girl Style: Sunny in South Africa

stylist tara sloggett at home in south africa
This little cottage has stuck with me ever since I first read about it a few years ago. The light-filled rooms and feminine furnishings feel very restful and refreshing. I could definitely vacation in a b&b (or home-swap) done in this style. The floral stencils on the dresser and mirror are particularly impressive. They feel more personal and distinctive than the average furnishings. 

your morning routine couldn't get any simpler than this
Now, I'll heartily admit a commode in the bedroom is none too tempting, even with a big window right above it. Likewise, the bathtub. I enjoy a steamy bath, followed by the pleasure of leaving that steamy room to dress in a nice dry bedroom. I can only imagine what happens if one of those fixtures has a leak. The slow drip...drip...drip keeping you up all night. Then again, this home is near the ocean, so maybe the soothing sound of waves drowns out everything else at night.

sunlight is the ultimate mood elevator
Gotta hand it to this kitchen. The skylight and doors mimic a good city loft and would keep the place lit even on stormy days. With no textiles visible save teh blinds, this room feels uncluttered despite the frames and other decor on the shelves. The whole place just feels like a breath of fresh air.

Leave it to a pro stylist to get it just right.

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