Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Lotus & Fig: Moroccan Tile Goods

moroccan tile in pink by micklyn at
Recently, while pinning away, I came across this beautiful print by Micklyn at Society 6. Obviously the combined color + pattern are exactly my jam:  varieties of pink, orange, lavender combined with a crisp Moroccan trellis lined in shiny gold. What puts this pattern over the top are the stencilled illustrations within each quatrefoil: wings, flowers, birds and lotus! 

Is it not the ultimate?!

if only i could cut down on all the other patterns in my pad
looks like an excellent gift for the right person
Available as a rug, art print, tote bag, pillow, smartphone case, wall clock, coffee mug.....and shower curtain. Tempting options all, and extremely reasonably priced! Of course, the soft options drew me right away, but we all know I need another pillow like a hole in the head. Likewise the tote bag. My tote bags are stuffed with tote bags. No, I need to look at something a bit more compact, or at least something with a dedicated space. 

the pattern repeat meets seamlessly on the coffee mug
won't be any problem finding this in the depths of your bag
Perhaps the mug would be ideal. Keep it at work for a mental boost. It would match the art prints I recently put up in my office. Then again, the iPhone case is pretty ideal. I prefer to see those in person. I'm very paranoid about dropping my phone and kinda wish it were swaddled in bubble wrap at all times. Plus, the scale of the pattern is so small. One of the larger options better suits my 'acquisitive' nature. 

now that's a sight worth getting out of bed for
So, there are various options for the rug, but I don't see a space in my apartment where that strong a statement will work. The shower curtain however... Well, it has scale, and would be confined to the shower rod in the bathroom. ...Unless I figured out how to make it work as a wallcovering... 

See how hard the choices are? And this isn't the only Moroccan pattern on offer. If you need something a little cooler or earthy, Micklyn offers several options.

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