Saturday, March 7, 2015

Retail Odyssey: Madura Opens in NYC

909 Broadway - you can't miss 'em
On a street filled with the likes of ABC Carpet & Home, Safavieh, Design Within Reach, and Domain, a certain modern French flair has joined the mix. Madura has opened it's U. S. flagship store on Broadway in the Flatiron district: stripes, bold colors, jaunty patterns and luxurious textures.  

Now your stroll from Madison Square Park to Union Square just got that much dreamier.

Open for less than a month, the two-story boutique really maximizes it's square footage to show off all those glorious prints. Pillows are featured on two walls running up the full height. In between, you stroll the ash-stained chevron floors (so French) between carefully color-coded tables of merchandise. On display are curtains, hardware accessories, side tables, bedding and - my favorite - punched metal candleholders and wastebaskets in a semi-rusted finish. 

an amazing wool throw in eye-popping shades
As breathtaking as those two floors are the tour is over too soon. Fear not! By Spring, the retail space will be three floors with a rooftop cafe. A hot new spot is coming to the FID.

Imagine the intoxicating trip up three flights to that dining space! An odyssey of jewel tones and brights standing forth in distinctive patterns and textures.

powder-coated steel bedside table in purple
The lovely clerk who gave me a tour seemed pretty shocked that I know of Madura's brand. Which surprised me considering how global the whole home dec world has gotten over the past decade. Being available only in Europe is no obstacle to an American. Personally, I've shopped my soles off in Paris for decor. And, certainly more than a few copies of Viva Deco, Elle Decor Inspiration and Art & Decoration have passed through these eager hands.  

So, if you don't know Madura, get on that!

a curtain after my own heart: pink/orange stria on amethyst
fuschia + aubergine: violet patterned, embroidered throw blanket

rainbow bright, beautiful brooch tie-back
moroccan mosaic cutouts on the marrakech curtain panels
eclectic perfection: rustic cutout medina wooden brooch tie-back
genius solution: magnetic tie-backs in bright shades

If you're in need of a color boost, but don't have time to stroll through ABC Home, head to Madura. They ought to fix you up in short order.

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