Sunday, February 28, 2016

Exotic Beds: Fall Color in Bloom

the company store's highland paisley duvet (or comforter)
'Tis the season for deeper tones, the kind that temper brights into soothing vibrance while complementing their base colors. Those that play off hot pink, orange and amethyst will always be my favorites. And when they come balanced in strong, energetic patterns, I love them all the more. 

close-up view: the company store's highland paisley sham 
This pattern is my favorite of the season. The deep purple background serves as a perfect neutral for the deep pinks and oranges in the paisley medallion itself. Within the scallops and blooms of the pattern are thin lines of olive green - darkened down from a brighter, acid shade. This is a 'deep lotus & fig.' 

The overall effect makes the bed look bejeweled, regal in an understated way. I would complement the duvet set with sheets and blankets in brighter pinks and oranges, as well as amethyst - summer tones.
b-sides: olivia bird reversible duvet from pottery barn
The back side of this reversible bedding is a new favorite. The marriage of the mehrab scallops with the shades of pink, purple and gold makes for a palette that is both lively and soothing. Paired with sheets in pale lilac ought to set a welcoming bed.
b-sides: olivia bird reversible sham from pottery barn
pattern detail of olivia bird reverse side
Winter will be over soon, but these shades have perennial appeal. Rich backdrops work in summer as well as winter.

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