Sunday, May 29, 2016

Shape: Moorish Arches on Curtains

my wool semi-sheer panels from the company store
For several years now my wool curtains have needed replacing. Moths have eaten them through. It isn't noticeable since there is seating in front of each panel now. But when I go back there the holes are shocking. How dare something eat my beauties! The search for the same curtains has been fruitless. I got them on clearance in 2007. Nothing like them has really surfaced: both sheer enough to let the light in and with that exotic flair until recently.

But they're missing one important factor...

my wool semi-sheer panels from the company store
My curtains are red paisley, a brownish red that coordinates perfectly with my browns and hot pinks and oranges. It's crucial that the window coverings both allow light in and put color on that wall. Crucial. So, imagine my elation/ disappointment when a worthy replacement surfaced... with no red(-ish) option.

so close: anthropologie's cordelia curtain in blue
The pattern feels a little less traditional than the paisley, more casual but the arches are perfect: pointing up, two per panel. And the Cordelia is a washable slubbed cotton as opposed to my irresistibly munchable wool. It doesn't need anything more to recommend it. I'll even consider paying full price. But it must be red. Even the taupe option is too far off the mark. It would just blend in with the walls.

so close: anthropologie's cordelia curtain in taupe

So here's hoping Anthropologie adds a red to the lineup. I'd think it would be a pretty popular color.

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