Sunday, May 13, 2012

Color Story: Cool Brights

amazing uniforms at an indian spa
Over the years, I've designed a lot of PowerPoint presentations. When I first started doing them at work I gravitated toward blue backgrounds. Teal, navy, turquoise, lavendar. Always blue-based backgrounds. I could literally feel the relief in my retinas or irises or something. The colors not only enhance and offset the images being displayed, they invite the viewer to keep looking. Once, someone showed me one done in reds and oranges that actually hurt my eyes to look at. That's one thing that's so great about bold color. You can have blazing, eye-searing bolds. Or you can have vibrant, eye-soothing bolds. Neutrals are not the opposite of brights. Brights are the opposite of brights. 

soothing acid green and blazing blue  [source: ideas]
deep purple and acid green offset by pink lips [source: o south africa]
ornate wedding outfit: lemongrass and fuschia fabric edged in blue and overlayed with beaded sheer fabric [source: style one ad]

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