Monday, May 14, 2012

Single-Girl Style: Dynamic Brooklyn

The latest issue of Lonny features a very cool little apartment in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. Kelley Carter is an editor at Real Simple who's apartment is loaded with color, texture and pattern. The total effect is a fresh, vibrant, dynamic and glam home.
Her choice of prints - wallpaper and rugs - gives a vivid sense of movement in every direction. The many glass and metallic pieces of furniture draw the eye in multiple directions. Her color choices are both bright and cool which matches perfectly with the glass/metal glam elements. The fabrics are plush, especially on the seating. 

soothing color scheme, reflective surfaces, cozy fabrics and lively prints
dark corner filled with reflective elements
frenetic wallpaper and clashing vintage chairs alongside a plain ikea folding table
 The private spaces lean more toward the calmer color schemes with teal wallpaper and white linens in the bedroom, and various ethnic prints unified by the color gray in the bathroom. 

My favorite element: the hot pink desk. It's mostly glass and super skinny metal. It's a big pop, yet an unobtrusive piece of furniture. The desk has lots of presence and no weight. Coupled with the zigzag pinboard...well, it speaks for itself.
all one could want: a bright corner with room to write

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