Thursday, May 17, 2012

Let Me Help You With That

someone forgot the secret signal for special guests
Shoshanna's curtain on Girls (HBO) are from West Elm. I see you searching my blog everyday for the lowdown on her bedding and window coverings. Rest easy. They are attainable.

Now, the white sheers and pink silk (?) I'm not so sure about:
Given the unusually slim width, I think the pinks are custom. IKEA used to offer something very similar in the Felicia line, but they don't currently carry any pink version of it.

The white sheers could also be from West Elm. Lots of stores offer them.  

 And just to remind anyone who missed my Rooms on Film post on this show's apartments, Shoshanna's block print sofa is the Essex from West Elm.

no, i don't have a bead on the duvet cover. sorry.
And no, I don't have any info on the butterfly curtains at Hannah and Marnie's (which were not in the pilot). UPDATED: these curtains are from Anthropologie. I just saw some on ebay. Don't know how I missed them. I keep up with Anthro's merchandise.

UPDATED: to accommodate those now searching for Marnie's bedding. It is the Carved Circles Duvet from West Elm and that color is now on clearance. Looks like you can score a twin size for $19.99 if you hustle! Otherwise, the grey version is still available at regular price. (The yellow and grey shams are a discontinued West Elm style, and the curtains are probably their Opaque Linen in gray.)

uptight, responsible marnie's room after the pilot
marnie's room in the pilot: notice the different duvet matches the euro shams now in use

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Michael Gomella said...

I know this is a super old post, but I was wondering if you had any idea where Marnie's new sheets are from.Here's a link to a picture of them:


belledame said...

can't say i recognize them. they are kinda striking on tv. if i ever come across them, i'll do a post.

Michael Gomella said...

Thank you!

The Art Therapy Studio Ithaca, N.Y. said...

I'd love to know where the Black and White Print on Marnie's wall is from... (you have an excellent image of it) It later migrates to Shoshanna's apartment.