Monday, June 4, 2012

Retail Odyssey: Target's Global Shower Curtains

Saw some great shower curtains in Moroccan and Indian patterns recently. From paisley to key lattice to peacock and more modern prints, the range is pretty impressive. And the colors are largely cheerful and refreshing - something I prefer in a bathroom, no matter the size.

I took some photos of the store displays because the website photos are just too small to really appreciate:

classic mosaic pattern overlayed on a beige backing
riotous paisley in indigo
golden peacock
the lovely mod moroccan pattern in different colors and scale

lattice pattern in alternate colors and an embroidered ogee band


Veronica @ Design Style said...

I love these shower curtains, I am heading to Target tonight!!! I just started to redo my guest bathroom, and need to choose a paint color. I'm hoping to find my inspiration through the perfect shower curtain.

belledame said...

if you don't find it there, also check out and blisslivinghome. they both have some great global shower curtains.