Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Birthday Bad Pt. 3: The Best Laid Plans

someday, we'll be together
Before my recent birthday, I was considering what to get myself. (Everyone does that, right?) As it happens, I have now acquired all of those items except the mirror. The shower curtain came last. For some reason, I couldn't quite pull the trigger on it. Just kept wishing I could see everything in person first, to be sure about color saturation, fabric scale and pattern. The shower curtain or the table runner? The Indoor Pattern or the Outdoor? 

And then it happened:
I was browsing Pinterest and surfed a pinner to Aphrochic's stream and saw a sign that their items were on a flash sale site at 40% Off. I saw this in the wee hours of the night before the final day. I promptly went over to Myhabit and started filling my cart. (Apparently I was already signed up!) It was like all my dreams coming true (not really, but it was awesome) at once. The Outdoor shower curtain and Indoor table runner. Exactly the two I've been torn between for months. At the sale price I could buy both, decide which to keep and return the other, coming out ahead in the end! Brilliant! I can finally do that wall art piece! Can't you just see this on a wall?

Finally, my package arrived. I remove items one at a time, oohing and aahing at the vivid colors. Everything is even lovelier in person. As I stopped to admire the saturation on the shower curtain, I realize it isn't the one I ordered - and it's not like there was choice. Only one was listed/pictured for the Brooklyn Life model. The invoice even says Indoor Watercolor instead of Outdoor. 

NOW, I'm on the horns of a dilemma! This thing is gorgeous! Look at it:

ironically, i'm a homebody who loves to lay back and read
 While admitted to having the wrong picture up (how does that happen?) and made a small gesture of apology, I'm still faced with either keeping this beauty, or buying the other pattern direct from the company at full price. Oy! Don't get me started on the beautiful organic cotton. It is very soft and looks almost like linen compared to a typical cotton shower curtain. 

I'm pretty much decided against the linen table runner for wall art. I like the larger scale despite my small pad. Stay tuned for the final decision and project! Any comments appreciated in the final days before I make my decision. 

these will be framed and hung on a wall
imagine this for a ladies-only brunch (under glass
or hung full-length on a wall

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