Monday, June 11, 2012

Viva Print Media: Seen at BEA

So, I saw these two goodies at BookExpo America this past week. I always make a point of swinging through the Chronicle Books booth, because they have such great craft books. Sadly, they know enough to never bring actual books because people would run off with them without a thought. Nope always styrofoam mockups...
So, I was surprised to see these two titles that will be coming out in the fall.

holly becker's second book is a design workbook
The Robshaw cover was actually cloth. That's not uncommon for a hardcover book, but given he's a textile brand it feels extra on-point.(And I discovered that he has two additional companion books out at the same time.)

it felt like all my hopes and dreams had come true

I've already added them all to my Amazon Wish List!

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