Sunday, September 23, 2012

Retail Odyssey: New Pieces at Pier 1

It was just one of those random evenings when I was heading down Broadway and decided to stop into a couple of stores. First, Anthropologie which has completely remodeled and actual feels smaller somehow. It is beautiful though...  Then into Pier 1 at 15th Street and there was quite a lot to catch the eye. They too have reorganized they layout including this gorgeous display wall full of African and Indian decor.  

Throughout the store some real gems stood out:

Tucked in amongst the accent furniture was this awesome metal gem. A pedestal table with a peacock pattern embossed in the top. For like $85! Hmm...

Another shocker: these gold tinted highball glasses. They're clear, wide-mouthed, and so gleamy (maybe that was the lights in this section). Online they have high balls and double old-fashioned, but the tall ones were nowhere on the shelves. At $8 a pop, probably not a set, but one or two to hold makeup brushes or pens. Something so you can see it every day.

And this marvelous hinged double-frame in a deep red with moroccan key pattern painted/embossed. Very stately piece. 

Oh, New York. How I love a good evening of inspiration, putting in at your many ports of call. Soaking up new combinations and ideas on color, texture and pattern, and then pushing off for home to view my pad anew. 

Don't ever change.

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