Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fuschia + Aubergine: City Chic Ottoman

The new Shops at Target collection from Patch NYC includes this jewel-toned beauty which encompasses some of autumn's very best aspects. It's rugged, plush, cozy and colorful. (Feels like it has a bean bag filling.) A delightful bit of plum/pink decor!

And as a bonus, it perfectly fits in with my long-standing obsession with Emma Stone's Golden Globes gown by Lanvin:

It's Single-Girl Style done oh, so right!


Peggy said...

Our Target didn't have that ottoman. And good thing, I wouldn't have been able to resist! It's gorgeous!

belledame said...

the reviews were pretty negative. apparently they flatten after one use. i guess you'd have to do a little diy and refill it with a foam cube or something.