Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Chez Moi: Curtains on the Wall

color texture pattern: curtains for any season
Last weekend I decided try something new: putting curtains up in the corner behind my bed. Some years back I tried this with some diaphanous sheers from Spiegel website. It was okay, but the curtains really only worked with the matching sari coverlet. I sold them off. This time I was longing to put an amethyst sheer up on the wall instead (really wish to paint the whole apartment this color).

On a whim, I decided to put up a wool panel along with it. Love it!:

It seemed like a homerun. 'Til the tension rod fell down. Oy! I think I must have yanked on them when I pushed the bed back and put the pillows on it. Had to get the ladder again and climb back up... It occurred to me to try a few other combos while I had the ladder out:

Why not berry for Autumn? I've had these IKEA drapes folded away for a few years. They discontinued the shade, but not before I managed to get four 118-inch panels (to frame the bay windows)! The shimmer is delicious...

And then I tried some IKEA sheers in the same color. Don't like the way the tab back and rod pocket lay together:

So, then I tried the wool and the faux-silk together. Interesting textural mix: matte + shimmer:

I've decided to leave this for the time being. See how it feels walking into the room for a few days. The first, with the amethyst panel, makes me the most comfortable, but it feels like berry is a better choice for right now. Amethyst can wait till full winter. 



Peggy said...

The amethyst is gorgeous! I'd like to see a picture with your bed, pillows and the curtains. Great idea, by the way.

belledame said...

it fell down again and i gave it up until i'm in the mood to figure out to keep it from happening. thought the tension rod was stiff enough, but apparently not.