Tuesday, October 23, 2012

eBay Score: Fresh Fig Apricot

my stash renewed: dreams really do come true
It smells like a woman, just so you know. When I discovered Fresh’s Fig Apricot scent a few years ago, it felt like coming home. There was nothing like it in all my fragrance history. Nothing to match the understated fruitiness, earthiness, subtlety, sweetness…grown up-ness. It’s the perfect expression of my 30s self. Fresh Fig Apricot smells like a grown-assed woman. It never feels overwhelming at work or too light for going out. At all times I feel confident that other people are lucky to catch just a whiff. What more can you ask for? 

Call off the search. 
i have a jar of body cream with a remnant the size of a pea
So, imagine my heartache as parts of this stupendous collection were discontinued over recent years. First, the magnificent body cream and then the divine shower gel. The bar soap is lovely but it doesn’t scent my entire apartment so easily. (Yes, I was hoping they’d add candles to the line.) I kept hope alive, searching ebay for many months for a bottle of shower gel until I finally broke down and bought the only thing for offer: 2 sample packets. Literally, my heart has been crying out in regret for not stocking up a few bottles. To make matters worse, I ran out of parfum and really couldn’t justify dropping $80 on parfum right now.

a scent worth $12 - believe
And then it happened. In a matter of days I checked ebay at just the right times to find not only a bottle of parfum for $40, but also 3 bottles of shower gel for $33!!! An embarrassment of riches! And all of it bought with money from selling off my abundance of throw pillows, etc. So, if you happen to be tooling around NYC and pass a woman who smells so good you want a second whiff... well...;)

Now, if only they'd create that candle line...

*note: i prefer to buy from fresh stores directly. obviously i want to support the scent. but right now i needed another option.

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