Thursday, November 6, 2014

Fuschia + Aubergine: Peacock Towels

peacock feather jacquard towels
Unexpected combination of color and pattern, but these World Market towels are quite lovely. Feminine, interesting and the contrast between the two colors is not jarring. Of course, the real test of a towel is plushness and softness. (Back when I couldn't afford them, I used to think that Turkish towels were the way to go. Then the Thomas O'Brien collection dropped at Target in some irresistible colors. Large, soft and plush. Still love 'em.) 

Imagine mixing these up with some other patterns for an eclectic look. The Thomas O'Brien experience taught me that you don't need to limit yourself to two colors. 

color detail - a deep berry shade over a winey-purple

The towels look great in reverse too!

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