Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Musings & Wants: A Dazzling Divider

just in time for the holidays, new shimmer at pier 1

I simply cannot! This room divider is well within Pier 1's wheelhouse and yet it is such an unexpected piece. Platinum-colored frame with a curvy, elegant Moroccan trellis design. The possibilities: dressing mirror, draped with scarves, angled near a window. Heck maybe dismantled and painted...teal? 

Or even paired up with this lovely...

Too much? Naw...

affordable eclectic: elegant and ornate seating at pier 1

Gotta make a run to Pier 1 (when the weather eases up) to get a good look. 

I shouldn't...and I won't... but man, do I wanna!

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