Saturday, June 27, 2015

Lotus Tableware by Michael Aram Designs

madhouse by michael aram's lotus platter (melamine)
This doesn't count as an impulse buy. It as good as called my name! I held out for a week before hitting the buy button. Look at it! It's a LOTUS FLOWER! Carved down to the last petal vein and seed pod. I mean- have you ever?! Of course I bought one! It's by Michael Aram. You know how gorgeous his tableware is. It was the right thing to do. I know because they accidentally sent an extra - and let me keep it...

incredible carved detail following the look of a real lotus flower
It's every bit as stately in person. We all know anything can be done with plastics, but have you ever seen anything this... ambitious? Maybe I'm just sheltered. One thing about the melamine - the surface is very matte and dry. A lot like plaster. I'm guessing that's a consequence of all that textured detail. Maybe you can't apply the smooth, glossy finish to that. Which is fine since these platters are for looking at, not eating.

mail order mishap: two platters for the price of one
The rest of the summer collection is also pretty fun looking (and affordable). The smaller Lily Pad platter is just as exquisitely detailed as the Lotus platter.
full melamine lotus collection for summer
My second favorite piece is the cereal bowl which features lily pads around the edge. It reminds me of my own favorite dish: a Royal Doulton Water Lily pasta bowl. It's the best plate/bowl you could ask for. It matches neither of my two sets of dishes and is the one that gets the most use. A full set is in my "someday" file.
melamine cereal bowl in the lotus collection for summer
my sole pasta bowl from royal doulton's water lily collection
The paper napkins in the collection are lovely too. I'm gonna look for those guest towels for my bathroom. 

...It's a sickness. Don't judge me.

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