Monday, June 29, 2015

Rooms on Film: Annie Hall

annie hall, 1977: janet margolin and woody allen
This one's short and sweet. I'm not familiar with the movie, although surely I saw it as a kid. Lately I've been viewing a lot of studio apartments via Pinterest and Apartment Therapy tours. As a studio dweller, the topic is pretty much ever present. Between that and abrupt arrival of full-on SUMMER IN NEW YORK, this image came to mind.

Technically, this apartment is probably more of a loft. It is very spacious with very high ceilings. You have to appreciate how spare and lush the furnishings are all at once. That shag rug is pretty decadent, and setting your bed in the center of your living room is pretty bold too. Many times I've advised people to embrace the bed in their studios rather than hide them. But I'd never suggest one make it the centerpiece of the whole apartment. 

Otherwise, things are very simple: a couple plants, two pieces of a sectional, a basket/coffee table, a practice space for music. The books are an enviable indulgence (well, not me; I need more shelves), but all stored very tidily. And those huge windows... It's easy to image all the light this place must get.

Yeah, this apartment is another of those places that reminds me of my early childhood and the sorts of spaces people had then. Particularly my aunts, who were young women at the time. My house was more 'family' in style. 

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