Saturday, June 20, 2015

Single-Girl Style: Antique Comforts

soft and spacious, with a view to build a dream on
If you're going to have a country home, it's probably best to make sure it's as restful inside as outside. And also, centered in the midst of some magnificent natural scenery. I've never been to New Zealand, but clearly that little country has some wide open spaces of note.

Inside, it's the thoughtful use of global antiques and cultural accents that stands out against the white backdrop. Pieces displayed at a distance from one another so that each truly stands forth. An antique chair, a piece of art, a ceramic pot, a Chinese lantern...

smooth, light colored concrete floors flow throughout
Neutral items are paired with colorful ones so that neither interferes with the other. The small square black and white prints above the plush, ornate chair are a complimentary pair of opposites. 

a stately old world chair whose only upgrade is casters
On the other side of the house are more antique pieces in a shabby chic aesthetic with colored accents that accentuate the white space. The spindly, ornate metal mirror flanked by old world pottery in matching tones of turquoise.

swiveling doors separate the bedroom from the main spaces
More stately feminine antiques are displayed throughout the house. Cloth fans and florals in pale shades.
a well-worn wood table that doesn't outshine it's contents
The bedding is a study in varying patterns in a single tone: stripes and florals. The carved wood screen as headboard is a strong contrast, with a floral pattern that subtly matches the floral duvet. Nature-themed art that reflects the surrounding landscape.

lively and serene bedroom keeps things simple and functional
More ornate global detail and primary color contrasts in this antique cabinet.

And the pleasant surprise: saturated color concentrated in one spot. The kitchen, which is open to the living space. But you have to enter it to see the deep pink cabinets in clean modern lines. The wealth of natural light keeps them from ever being overwhelming.

hot pink cabinets: a little rock 'n roll in your country

Publication: NZ House & Garden
Photo Credit: Aaron McLean

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