Saturday, June 13, 2015

Colorfully Eclectic: Yet Another Style Quiz

haven't changed a bit, so comforting to know
Have to admit that they are pretty correct though. I'd want to temper that white quite a bit. But otherwise, I feel well represented by this assessment. I've certainly been thinking a lot about inspiration rooms, with an eye toward polishing my own space a bit. 

home of the peet/benioff family
The idea is not to get stuffy or formal at all. The overall vibe is still casual comfort. But it would be nice to move a little away from "eccentric writer's office". I'll confess to always admiring the cluttered office in the intro "Ray Bradbury Theater" as a kid. It would be nice to have things a little more finished is all. Nothing too sophisticated.

amanda peet in her ladylike living room
The marriage between hot pink and neutral shades is still a central theme. It's what I keep buying so there's clearly no way to steer away from that. Maybe a bit more in the way of reflective surfaces. My four mirrorballs are in need of some sunlight. And a colored rug, since most of mine are brown: solid, stripes, chevron and paisley.

cozy & striped: i would do all my reading in this sunroom
Brights and neutrals, stripes and florals, hard and soft, light and dark, French and Moroccan. This room has it all. There's space to stretch out, to put your feet up, to chat, to nap. A space where you can be utterly relaxed. That's a quality I don't want to lose in the pursuit of 'polish.'

gotta wonder what was removed from the wall so they could add text
And, of course, it's time to address the blank walls for which I have many items in need of hanging. Mirrors, frames, fabric prints, a couple of placemats, hooks, shelves and brackets.... That alone ought to work wonders.

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