Friday, August 5, 2011

Color Story: Jewel-Toned Walls

When Kimhas7cats from Desire to Inspire first painted her kitchen cabinets pink, it was like a revelation. Not only was the independence and ownership of that choice inspiring, it reminded me of a long-ago visit to a classmate's home in grade school. I was struck by the fact that the kitchen was done in white and sage green, right down to the linoleum tile. It was airy and fresh and...the sage complemented the red-haired family. 

Since Kim's bold move, I am somewhat drawn to similar spaces where they're just putting it out there, allowing that color choice to lead to more bold and stylish choices that elevate the whole home beyond basic functions. 

It really is your thing. Do what you wanna do!

kitchen cabinets in a deep rich, pink! the windows keep the room so light that it can bear this level of saturated color
the dining room features a deep purple wall around the window that looks in that fabulous fuschia kitchen. the light wood floors and tall windows further balance out the rich shades.
the purple sofa and bench are islands of color in the deep pink room. the pillows and upholstery add spice with the bold patterns of their velvety textures.
citron kitchen and dining room liven this historical home and its many architectural details. the natural light alleviates the brightness, and the pink accent fabrics match the color value.
Sources: 1 & 2 Maison Francaise; 3 & 4 Nest (France)

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