Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Color Texture Pattern: Soothing Blues

So, apparently it is now mid-August and a lot of us are wondering where the summer went. Consensus is that the various heatwaves drove us all indoors seeking air-conditioned relief. While we were burrowing, June and July slipped away. All I know is that I want my 39th summer back! 

Since it is unlikely summers will get milder in the years to come, here's to homes that are built for this sort of thing. Where you can linger indoors and enjoy the feel of cool tiles, in soothing shades of green and blue, arranged in orderly patterns of squares and rectangles. Calm, soothing relief...

timeless kitchen in brussels: high ceilings, shimmering tile, sconces that fade into the walls, rustic wood floors and the slate blue ceiling and chimney wall
source: maison francaise  photo: francis amiand
from milan: shady room with deep blue floor tiles and shimmering green counters and walls, the rustic chairs are a harsh opposite to open metal shelves
source: living etc  photo: andrea ferrari
the perfect place to begin or end the day: vibrant turquoise tiles, a rattan chair and a glass shower to maximize the light
source: maison francaise  photo:
even in the city, this tile lightens the feeling. plain subway tile in a fantastic turquoise with white grout. my favorite!
a beach house: this is pretty fantastic. the aqua tile keeps the white from being overwhelming and dull. i admit that yellow pelmet is an awesome accent
 Sources: 1 & 3 Maison Francaise; 2 Livingetc; 4 House & Home; 5 House Beautiful

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