Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Exotic Beds: Light, Bright & Darn-Near White

White bedding is not my friend. Historically, it has leeched color from colorfast blankets, the mattress and drawn the ink from uncapped pens with the gravitational pull of a black hole. But most annoyingly, my white bedding tends to get dingy. What in the world causes white cotton to take on a grayish cast? My incredibly handy mother suggests simply using something called "blueing" to put an end to this nonsense. 

Maybe when I'm 40 I will have finally matured enough to simply take Mom's advice without question. She is always right... Until then, here's to airy, exotic, white bedrooms...(with a pop of color).

embroidered paisley overhead, that gorgeous carved headboard and the cool, silky silver-gray quilt
a high canopy, scalloped headboard, and the most gorgeous bench i have ever seen

the accessories bring in the color that the bedding lacks in a block print rug, chair and blinds, plus the added texture of the mesh fireplace screen and framed artwork

{Sources: (1) House & Garden UK (2) Elle Decor (3) House Beautiful UK}

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