Monday, August 15, 2011

Far-Flung Fashion: Dressing for Distant Shores

It has been a few years since my last vacation and I'm starting to yearn from some place else again. (To be fair, Paris did hit the spot in a big way.) Sadly, circumstances leave me taking this week off from work and remaining quite local. Thank goodness New York City is one place where a 'staycation' can really count for something! My to-do list includes some of those 'roundtuit items that are so easy to put off, plus a few dashes of fun that life just seems too exhausting for in a normal week. Even sadder? Most of these activities will be attended in assorted denim-and-cotton ensembles.

Of course, glamming it up seems like the ultimate day off. But that's only for people who can afford lots of taxi rides to ease their stillettoed feet, and frankly, for people who don't venture outside the better-heeled parts of town where they're somewhat less likely to run into trouble. (Remember: Carrie Bradshaw's pink tutu was all good 'til the bus splashed mud on it. Reality, folks. Reality.)

So, while my jeans, sneakers and airy tank tops are doing their job keeping me on the go, I'll fantasize about high style in exotic ports of call.

sizzling hot pink against an earthy backdrop of orange and grey
maybe i'll head to chinatown: feathers, fronds and jewel tones
as bright as her surroundings: dig that silk skirt and the lotus belt tassels

stormy skies: exactly the weather we're having this week
sporty with a spirit of adventure
down for whatever: she's ready to sight-see and party
adrift on the river of life
my real vacation: sleeping in and lounging with good books
a good vacation should leave you ready to greet your old world with new eyes
Sources: 1-3 Mujer Hoy / Photo: P. Chevallier; 4,7-9 Anthropologie; 5-6 Glamour Russia


Peggy said...

Love the way you use words, honey. I ventured out today. I haven't looked glamorous one day this summer. It's been too hot for me, sigh.

belledame said...

thank you. my writing voice is almost identical to my speaking voice. my friends say my letters are like having me in the room.

let's just be grateful fashion has brought out the blousson fit this year. if ever there was a time for tops that puddle around the torso and give your skin some room to breathe...

painted my toenails purple and flipflopped all the way to the dry cleaner.

Peggy said...

purple toe nails sounds fun!

SSM said...

ah, lovely, these images make me so nostalgic! currently my fantasy holiday destination is istanbul or somewhere else equally colourful. i want total-sensory- overload. :)

belledame said...

couldn't agree more. if you make it, takes lots of photos!