Saturday, August 13, 2011

Rooms on Film: Diario de Una Ninfomana

If you follow my Flickr stream, you know I developed a minor obsession with the sets in this film last year. In particular, the leading lady's apartment in the beginning of the film, where her pursuit of pleasure is firmly established.

Based on the book (bio) by Valerie Tasso, the film is set in Barcelona where we follow Valerie through the ups and downs of finding the right man to match her appetites, maintaining steady employment and taking advice from her elderly French grandmother. Later, things gets dizzily better and then tragically worse. 

This movie is so frank and randy that people find it rather scandalous. But I broke down and ordered the dvd and I have to say... it ain't so bad. She's just a woman with a very strong libido who really does want the fantasy of a prince to sweep her off her feet and give her a family. Val goes down some taboo paths to find her way, but she comes to understand the dark side of some her fantasies.

But, oh, that apartment...

the eclectic hallway of val's barcelona apartment
full view of val's hallway
the delicious vintage + eclectic livingroom: you can tell by looking that val is a sensualist. everything is plush, soft, colorful, shapely and quirky.
this shapely sofa and lush tapestry really make the room pop
love the medallion window film in the lounge, and the color scheme matches the bedroom, there are ikea stools under that pile of clothes.
by day, the eclectic lounge is even more interesting (and sports a different lamp): val lives like i do, books piled randomly, trinkets moved around, there's an open can of paint on top of a stack of books.
behind the friend we see more entrances to the room which allow the natural light to filter through the apartment; notice all the radiators have case covers with mesh fronts. this room has a bit of a beach theme with the capiz lamp and jar of shells.
my favorite: the bedroom. val's hedonism is also on display here. rich colors, lots of pillows and more eclectic accessories.
by night, the rich purple and orange play well in the lamplight. the rug is a deep red.
though the film opens with a wild escapade in a separate bathroom, val actually has one connected to her bedroom which the camera never enters. notice she has three lamps in the bedroom.
why, yes. i would like to move into a pad with a customized closet. i haven't really seen this style of closet before. three sections and the fabric doors. i wonder if the fabric is easy to change.
single-girl style at it's best: vintage dresser with shiny gold accents, scrolled iron screen, that antiqued hatbox, even the touch tone phone and the shiny chrome lamp standing out against everything.
seriously. how can you not love this? the colors and pillows are like an open invitation to relax. everything is within arms reach, lights, phone, magazines.

Wait till you see the place she upgraded for!

IFCfilms; Canonigo Films; Director: Christina Molina Starring: Belen Fabra
Sources: 1 Flickr; All others screencapped by me


Peggy said...

Hi! Thank you for all of your kind comments on my blog! I am happy to see that you are starting a blog, and I intend to follow it. I've added you to my link list today.

This is really the correct platform for you. Flickr is really intended to showcase your own work, it's not a blog. You are really supposed to post your own art and photography. I know others who have gotten warnings regarding violations in the policy, yet I see a lot of bloggers who did it.

You're much better off in this forum, where you and link and where you can write. Your writing is wonderful and I adore your unique perspective! I love single girl style, and I adore movie sets.

This post makes me want to see this movie. My favorite set is the apartment of Barbara Novak in Down with Love. I also adore the set in Amelie.

Keep up the good work! xxoo


Peggy said...

P.S. I would also suggest adding a link to your flickr set. Take care.

belledame said...

wow, peg. thanks for reading. i was kinda surprised when you contacted me on flickr. i thought we were contacts years ago. i found your blog linked on someone else's and thought 'oh, wow. i thought she moved in with her brother her left little pink/orange studio.' loved watching you change it up.

thanks for the advice. i'll add that link soon. i'm trying to add in images, including movie sets, that don't get a lot of coverage. this being a foreign film makes it perfect.

take care!