Thursday, August 11, 2011

Single-Girl Style: Bohemian Bourgeois

In the suburbs of Johannesburg lurks the nifty apartment of Ariane Besson. Her style is heavily Art Deco and heavily thrifted. Her walls are an airy sky blue that sets off the salon wall of old frames, as well as all the display cabinets chock full of ceramic kitsch. The most envious detail are those bookshelves with the rolling ladder. Wouldn't say 'no' to that. The eclectic bedroom proves Besson is a woman after my own heart. Colorful bedding, mixed patterns, and those quatrefoil window shutters. 

Bet her cocktail parties are jam-packed!

well-curated livingroom: all sorts of kitsch on display
bookshelves to envy, and plenty of space for more books

who doesn't love a bright quilt? with the old brass bed it is very eclectic
lovely shutters and a cheery color scheme
more thrifted details; that tufted sofa looks delicious...
Source: Ideat Magazine 
Photo: Vega Mg

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