Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Color Texture Pattern: My Fantasy Made Real

So, I was flipping through a magazine called Living, which I think is published in Uruguay, when I discovered that my dream home already exists. In fact, someone else built it and has been living in it, beautifully, for some time now. This is what happens when you don't open the mail every day. 

The homeowner's name is Nuria Cobeaga and she designs wonderful South American blouses and bags like these. Her (my) home is a crystal-clear translation of that same style. It combines a mix of rich colors, folksy patterns, handmade textiles, and aged surfaces into a showstopping family home. Were I the boss of this casa, no one would ever cross the threshold. Probably wouldn't even let you sit in any of the wonderful outdoor rooms either. Sorry.

Let the pictures speak for themselves...

color play: reds, oranges, blues, aged wood and patchwork pillow
the richness of the details is stunning: the pale antique chair against the cerise pillow, the dark wood of the door displays the paisley scarf and tassel, the brick and plank walkway leading to the adobe wall. the vignette has so many right angles and then there's this curvy chair in the foreground.
that deep throw (silk) can be removed, though it sort of envelopes all the other colors in the space. thouse jute floor cushions look so rugged and fun, next to traditonal pillows. the window shows precious items in their best light.
that constant thread of turquoise amongst the warmer colors is exactly what i've been trying to do in my apartment!
and the hanging saris are two fantastic ways to display a great textile where it won't get damaged. those brocade lanterns make me want to run over to pearl river mart right now.
again, that pop of turquoise! it's all so eclectic: painted rattan, colored glass, woven boxes, ceramic lamp. the interplay of surfaces is so well-balanced. and the mirror varies the height btw the table and the chest.
reading room: there is such a mix of cultures in this tiny space. the pale purple bedding offsets those reich pillows while the wooden shelves and metal lanterns ground the room, balancing the white floor and walls.
putting these fabric lanterns in a small corner, and those parasols along the hallway ceiling: two fabulous ways to display attractive items.
nothing hidden away in storage: she puts what she loves right out for all to enjoy all the time
a work studio to die for: desk flooded with light, lots of lanterns, and dig that magazine stash! (also, the cheetah-print running shoes with fuschia laces)
simple, refreshing bedroom: and a quilt from target's 2007 back-to-school collection
iron lanterns + stain glass; a tidy bedroom alive with color and pattern
patio: yet another dazzling mix of colors, textures and patterns; more teal rattan chairs against warm surroundings
This wasn't everything. Oh, no! You should check out the rest of the images, plus the article, on Living magazine's website.

Source: Living
Photo: Santiago Ciuffo


Peggy said...

Oh those white floors! That's what makes it work for me. My fav is the dining room. Love the white floors, the turquoise chairs and that purple glass vase.

belledame said...

i think the white floors add light inside as well as expand the sense of coolness. my fave is the reading room. someone once remarked that every time she saw me i was laying down. it would be the best spot to do what i do best.

Dita said...

Hi There,

I stumbled on a picture from this post of yours in Pinterest this morning and had to dig deeper to unearth the story behind it...and how fantastic is it!...

I have shared it on my Online Decor magazine and you can find it here...



belledame said...

hi dita, thanks for stopping by. this post is probably the most pinned one on my blog. i haven't read espacio living in a while, but i'm sure they have many more awesome homes to explore.