Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bring Back Domino: As Digital Backlist

my favorite issue of one of the greatest shelter mags of all time
Yesterday I saw yet another random blog comment demanding Conde Nast "bring back domino." The post wasn't two weeks old. People are still saying this when we all know that mag is done, lock, stock and barrel. Strangely, it makes me think of the thread in Gregory Maguire's SON OF A WITCH about someone spray painting "Elphaba Lives" all over Emerald City years after the Wicked Witch (Elphaba) has died. That little notice eventually turns into the war cry of a mass protest against the tyranny of the Emerald City: "ELPHABA LIVES! ELPHABA LIVES! ELPHABA LIVES!" 

So, I get it. All those who appreciated domino (and several other defunct mags) must keep the beacons lit. Here, then, is the question: why isn't domino (and Blue Print, O at Home, InStyle Home, House & Garden and Vogue Living) available on a digital newsstand like Zinio.com? Why haven't the publishers made the digital files available to the consumer? A number of magazines on Zinio are defunct or have posted backlist going back a few years. 

Why leave money on the table? You know interest is there, or you wouldn't have moved the domino mag archives to brides.com. That was a lovely gesture, but those images had been culled like crazy when domino was still a going concern. Why allow the steady trade of hardcopies and the undoubted trade of online pirates to flourish without going for your cut? You know good and well people are willing to pay. You don't even have to be greedy. The issues could sell for as much as cover price or even as low as $0.99 per issue. It's like printing money, that backlist!

A high-quality, digital copy (and zoomable) is definitely the next best alternative to a complete set in pristine condition. And so much easier to care for over time. PLUS all the eager fans outside the U.S. who never had much opportunity to collect those magazines in the first place!!! Finally, our sisters Down Under and in the Far East would be able to enjoy the product that so many talented people labored to produce. 

And this is not just aimed at the American magazine industry. Oh, no. It has been a year since I mentioned in my flickr that Real Living Australia needs to get on Zinio so we in North America can finally receive it, and regularly.

What are you waiting for? How many times do we need to ask? Is the battle-cry not loud enough? I'll lend my voice:  



The Sister Sophisticate said...

Here here to that! I am all in! Thanks for all the wonderful images of that rug...it really does get around!

belledame said...

thanks for your vote! publishers really need to get on this.