Wednesday, January 25, 2012

eBay Score: The Spice Must Flow

The past few years I've been working on a project to put together a couple of old bedding collections from '05 and '06 that I let pass by. One of those collections is the Spice Market bedding from Sigrid Olsen HOME. I spied it on display at Macy's back in 2005, but decided to pass on it. (Not least because it was quite expensive. The bedskirt was $129!) But you can't easily forget something so warm and unique: reversible pink/orange patterns of stripe and lotus floral. 

Eventually I started looking it up on eBay, but the prices were still pretty prohibitive. Here and there, I have managed to snag a throw pillow and a bedskirt ($1.99!) for good prices. After seeing the euro shams in a home profile in Better Homes & Gardens, I thought I'd gladly settle for those. Alas, no go. 

Until now. I recently snagged a used duvet and king-size shams for $41.00!!!

Sure, I need more bedding like a hole in the head, but it is just so foxy fine... Dreamy, warm and high quality. The shams have been the most interesting part. I don't need king-size, but it was clear immediately that the spice market wrap was both embroidered and faded. My guess is the previous owners kept the duvet stripe side up. BUT, the inside of the wraps - the part that lays against the creamy (marzipan) case is NOT faded. It's bright and sleek and more than enough fabric to make euros or bolsters. Just an hour or so with a seam ripper and I have enough fabric to turn into anything I want.

king size shams laid out on the chair. the wrap is 38"w by 25"l
no flash: love the lotus flowers detailed in reds
stripes: comparing the duvet to the (new) bedskirt, no fading
close-up: best stripe ever + hand-painted floral
This is so exciting!

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