Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Nate Berkus Show Cancelled

Thanks to Julia at Hooked on Houses, I heard about the looming end of Nate Berkus' show on ABC network. As I'm not the sort to record daytime shows, I haven't been able to watch more than a couple of episodes over the past year. Unlike The Oprah Winfrey Show, Nate's show was not carried by a local cable show in the evenings allowing me to tune in daily and get a real feel for it. 

However, I did recently catch an episode over the holidays and discover the gem of his 'House Proud' segment. There are videos from these segments on the show's website which provide a look inside some great homes. And one thing New Yorkers love is a look inside apartments. 
Here's hoping The Nate Berkus Show gets to retool and winds up on OWN next fall. And here are a couple of those great home tours he featured:

First, a West Village alcove studio that any work-a-day New Yorker would be thrilled to land. But would also pay dearly for. (I have always wanted to live in the WV, but never lucked into an affordable place for one. :sigh:):

tenant claudia faces the front door from an alcove kitchenette
cool thing about a small pad is that sunlight filters throughout; that brick fireplace makes me want to scream
despite the small open pad, it feels airy; and there's a nice dining area separate from the living room
what's known in the five boroughs as a sleep alcove; sometimes such an apartment is called a "junior 1BR"
overhead view gives an idea of how tight the space is; and a view of that beautiful rug under the lucite coffee table
the alcove is just big enough for an adult bed, you could even fit a tension rod across the doorway and curtain off the bed altogether.
yes, i am jealous for this plush, pink armchair. it makes such a statement in the neutral space.
the sleep alcove: curtains on swing-arm rods, wallpaper taped to the accent wall, ikea shelves for side tables and a simple color scheme.
Oh, yeah. She's doing alright. 

And then we have another West Village apartment, a straight-up studio occupied by a married couple. I'm sure I saw this actress on an episode of Hung. Again, this has got to cost a pretty penny. But they're on two incomes (presumably) and...location, location, location! I've known people living in much more Spartan accommodations just to be there:

note: the bed doesn't really fit into the corner; also, the apt has fantastic bones: fire place, shutters and hardwood floors
and on the other 'side' a small combo living/dressing room; lovely, really, esp. if you're single.

get a feel for the size of this little pad! the exposed brick fireplace wall runs up to the 14' ceiling: high ceilings make small pads way more livable; gotta love those turquoise drapes.
toward the front door: ayden sitting in her glamour area, with a tall cosmetics vanity in the corner.
they actually gave some precious floor space to a yellow pouf that matches the chair. love the brass coffee table, but i'd have gone with rounded glass like this one at west elm. but that's me.
they fit in an ikea wardrobe next to the gorgeous wooden fireplace
shockingly tiny kitchenette, but very nice fixtures/finishes. (and a window.) they are paying gooood money for this place.

Once again, thanks to The Nate Berkus Show for profiling such cool pads. I use Ayden Myrin's home as a model for a friend of mine with a similarly cramped floor plan and high, high ceilings. Hope to see you soon on OWN!


Brandi said...

Oh no! I had no idea The Nate Show was being cancelled! That's horrible.

belledame said...

these things happen. i think moving to cable would allow him to focus on design/decor and cut all that other stuff. he wouldn't have to try to pull in a varied audience.