Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Weather Outside is Frightful

Today was full of surprises. My morning commute was chased the rainclouds north. So, as my train was going over the bridge to Manhattan I got an unexpected view. Usually it's sunny or overcast or foggy. Yesterday was rainy and the view was of low, grey clouds. Kind of Paris-like. Or like one of those old-fashioned paintings of the city with gaslights and carriages. 

But this morning...this morning I dearly wished for my camera (and a spot by the door). As we rolled over the Manhattan bridge, the view was of open sky and a sun-kissed Manhattan skyline (that's skyscrapers) silhouetted against stormy blue-gray sky. It was still raining in Manhattan proper and those clouds formed a magnificent curtain right behind the all the buildings bathed in clear, yellow light. 

In fact, the contrast was so striking that I wondered if the new Freedom Tower should be made out of such a shiny metal. It was almost blinding. Then it occurred to me that NYC is full of tall, shiny buildings that sear the retinas from time to time.

And then by midday, the temperature had fallen way below the forecast and a brutal wind had rolled in. NO ONE was ready for this. I wore the wrong coat, for sure. And no hat. And simple trouser socks. So I'm only too happy to stay in this weekend and get some reading done in my favorite spot: my soft bed of colorful linens.

Stay cozy!
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