Monday, January 16, 2012

The Golden Globes

I gave up watching award shows a few years back, but I do like to watch red carpet pre-shows to see all the pageantry. 

Emma Stone looked amazing. Those fluttery panels in deep purple/fuschia, those bling-lined shoulders, and that eagle on the belt? Awesome. Plus, her hair looked great and her eyes looked amazing, as usual. Maybe her fingernails should have been dark like her toes.

Nicole Kidman was stunning! I've liked a lot of her looks over the years, but this was like the best ever. It blew away any memory of her past triumphs. (Except that acid green chinoiserie that time. Still LOVE that one.) She looked like a doll. I wouldn't think a woman that slim would wear a cincher of any sort, but she freely admits to having no waist and that nude, studded gown is definitely showing off a feminine shape. Whatever it is it worked to perfection. She was Oz Barbie tonight.  

Sarah Michelle Gellar made a triumphant return. People are debating this dress like there's even a question of it's beauty. If Maggie Gyllenhall had worn it, they'd be fawning over it. Like Emma Stone, SMG looked individual. Her gown doesn't cater to any trends. No one else had anything like that goin' on. Baby Buffy chose well. 

Kate Winslet looked flawless. You can find no fault with this ensemble. The cut and color recall classic Hollywood. The shape flatters her utterly. Those splits on the shoulders add that 'just so' detail. And nothing was wrinkled. The only thing that could have made this look better: red hair. (Same goes for Evan Rachel Wood: loved the feathers.)

Diane Lane is always so stately. Elegant, individual. She always looks like she's playing up her own assets instead of dressing for approval. She's bringing the best DL she can to the party. And that DL is very fine indeed.

Berenice Bejo from The Artist. Dunno who this French actress is but her gown was inspiring. A beautiful deep blue, those fluttering panels on the bottom half of the skirt, and it just looked comfortable. Perhaps the next Marion Cotillard?

Mireille Enos was also amazing. Between her and Emma Stone, the redheads owned that carpet. I didn't see her on a broadcast, but the still shots are breathtaking. That is the best yellow dress of the event. What eyes, what a smile. Amazing. 

Honorable Mentions: 
  • Tina Fey picked a great gown in an awesome color. It makes me sad when she wears black because she has such a fantastic figure. When she wears things you'd have to be present to appreciate the details of the fans lose out.
  • Diana Agron was flawless in that laser-cut, deep red. I really, really liked this look. Another individual. The color was popular tonight, but no one else was doing that precision pattern thing. 
  • Shailene Woodley wore possibly the most heartbreakingly gorgeous gown. Delicate, light, positively dreamy. But she didn't know how to stand or what to do with her arms. Her people need to train her to clasp her hands behind her back and stand up straight. That way she doesn't look awkward and the lines of her garment are displayed. I haven't found a photo yet where she doesn't have a hand on her hip and is slouching. Blocks the beautiful gown and takes something away from her overall presentation. Tall girls must stand as straight as petite girls. Look at Gellar and Portman. 
  • Charlize Theron. I'm not giving her an HM. Obviously, she looked amazing. But she always does. Not only does she make excellent choices, she is gifted with general flawlessness. (I know people call her 'perfect,' but there's a difference.) She's tall, slim, strong-shouldered, small-busted, and has a bit of waist and no hips. Like Nicole Kidman, Charlize can wear almost anything because no part of her physique interrupts the flow of the garment. Plunging necklines are a go because she doesn't need supportive bras and such to keep her bust in check. An ideal mannequin. There's no substitute for winning the genetic lottery. We all know this. That said, she looked fabulous tonight. I just didn't care for the look. Part of what's cool about her is that she sometimes chooses things that you can't support but you also cannot find fault. It's just taste, which is just fashion. Looking forward to her Oscars ensemble.

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