Friday, January 27, 2012

Paper Goods: Jot This Down...

world market's spice route pad; awesome palampore lotus flower
Several years ago, I decided that anything I have to own might as well be pretty.  This was during the phase when I was thinking very seriously about decorating my apartment and doing Apartment Therapy 8-Week Cures. My ideas about style and color were finally coming together so that actual decisions could be made. Instead of admiring things and walking away, I began to buy them. Furniture, dishes, bedding... Even little things like notepads.

If you looked in my purse, you'd find only notepads with cool stripes and florals from bygone Target collections (Sami Hayek and Isaac Mizrahi). And they need replacing just when World Marke has some of the coolest paper goods ever:

pink & paisley: caravan sticky notes
 This pattern is equally pretty in the blue colorway:

 And the added luxury of silky texture and vibrant, spicy colors on top of the protective flap. 

sari silk scratch pads
suzani padfolio
Between these and the gift wrap, I fear a small splurge coming on...

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