Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fuschia + Aubergine: A Ladylike Rug

urban outfitters' vine flourish rug
Put on your dancin' shoes! Here's a rug that fits my brand-new obsession with Emma Stone's custom Lanvin perfectly. I really wish it fit my apartment, but I already have my large rug, and the two just don't mesh. So it's just a crush for me (for now). And who could deny this? It's very easy to care for with that typical woven cotton of Urban Outfitters rugs. The damask is a lively, feminine pattern energized by the two rich colors popping against each other. You could play this one uptown or downtown. 

Oh, where's the silver like Emma's eagle belt, you say? Baby, just go get some tinsel off the clearance rack and throw it down there. 

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